Younger Than Springtime

John Maakestad: Pilgrimage

The History and Design of the Northfield Public Library.

The Arts for Martin, 2014

Honoring Arnold Flaten

Stephanie Henriksen: Retrospective

Early Cinema in Northfield

First Person Stories

Dallas Haas

Jim Machacek- Northfield Railroad History

Randy Malecha: "Hiking the Applachian Trail"

"Table 13 Journals"- A reading at The Key in Northfield, MN.

The Blazing Worlds Walk - Phil Smith

Garrison Keillor: "Save the Northfield Depot", October 2016.


Kenny Carr and the Tigers play the Vintage Band Festival in Northfield.

I Cantanti Chamber Choirs 25th Anniversary Concert

Dylan McKinstry performs at the Northfield Arts Guild

The Arts for Martin, 2014

The '53 Swingbillies

2013 Vintage Band Festival -selections from the most recent festival.

Guitarist, Charlie Byrd - 1992 performance at Carleton College, Northfield, Mn.

WindWorks- Bridge Chamber Music Festival 2014

Schubert Piano Trio #2 in E-flat Major, OP.100

The Battlefield Band, 1998

Rogue Valley and Arcadia Charter School- "A Song of Seasons"

NHS Choirs Traditions Concert 2015: "Stars I Shall Find"

A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble

Salif Keita-Music From the Heart of Mali

OVER & BACK tops ten

North Star Cinema Orchestra Vaudeville Show, 2016

Glen Newton - British Brass Bands in Minnesota

Garrison Keillor: "Save the Northfield Depot", October 2016.

Mark Kreitzer Blue Grass Band


T.J. Stiles: "When The War Came North"

Heywood Award 2007: Chip DeMann

Geology of the Cannon River Valley

Dallas Haas

Paul Wellstone Retrospective

Bruce Gleason: "Horse-Mounted Bands of the United States Army: 1860-1917"

Life in Northfield in the 1920s. '30s, '40s

BILL CUPP "Bailout Over Belgium"

Maggie Lee, Joseph Lee Heywood award recognition event.

1995 Kiddie Parade- Defeat of Jesse James Days

Jim Machacek- Northfield Railroad History

The History and Design of the Northfield Public Library.

Soap Box Racers-Northfield

Emily Schmitz 2013 Heywood Award Recipient

Northfield By Air- 1985

Honoring Arnold Flaten

2014 Memorial Day Ceremony in Northfield, MN

Bob Will, 2014 Heywood Award recipient

Maggie Lee

The 2015 Heywood Award Banquet honoring Bill Cowles

Small Town Radio. KYMN

Mike Fitzgerald: Politics of the 1876 Raid

2003 Northfield History tour

Bill Mauldin, WWII Cartoonist

The Blazing Worlds Walk - Phil Smith

Eric Braeden: "Thoughts on Being German"

Early Cinema in Northfield

Northfield Memorial Day Ceremony, 2017


YPT 2011- "Wrap It Up" Group C

"Weather or Not"-YPT first session, 2013


YPT 2014: Blasts From the Past

YPT- Blast From the Past- Two


YPTWx25-an excerpt

"Silver Mettle"- 2015 YPTW

YPT 2016: "Break Down the Wall(s)"

Girl of the Frozen North


Question Time at the Cow: 4th Ward Candidates

Lori Sturdevant speaking at the Northfield-Cannon Falls LWV annual meeting.

NTV/ COW Forum: Rice County Attorney Candidates, Oct. 16, 2014

LWV Fall Kick-Off Meeting, Oct. 3, 2015

Northfield School Board Candidate Forum Oct. 8, 2016

MN House Candidate Forum- Districts 20B and 58, Oct. 8, 2016

Northfield City Council Candidate Forum, 2016

LWV Northfield Mayoral Forum, 2016

The Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Services (NAFRS) informational meeting of December 8, 2016.